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I just released a new holiday themed movie, "The Big Toy Book", so check that out when you get a chance. I know it's a few days past the whole holiday season, and it was supposed to be out before Christmas, but right now I'm just glad I got it out in 2008.

Well, I always like to have the 'announcement post' act as an area for information on the movie and keep the movie comments/description short and sweet. Basically I just like to talk about behind the scenes stuff, and if that's a crime then slap the cuffs on. For the most part, I got the soundtrack to Home Alone and Home Alone 1 and 2 are some of my favorite movies of all time so I just had to make something with this truly magical score (Williams is a musical genius). Just a little idea I had, mostly from just looking at Toys 'R' Us's Big Toy Book and making a big back story for it. If you guys can't piece it together, basically this guy Frank is bored at his desk job at a design agency until he gets a call from his buddy Carl who tells him that their group just landed The Big Toy Book design job for next season. Instantly, Frank is thrust into a memory of him as a child paging through The Big Toy Book and he's brought to tears.

Here's a little more backstory for this: I haven't made a fucking thing while I've been at school, believe it or not I really haven't had the free time (well I've had plenty of free time, but it's spent doing other stupid shit). Together, the whole thing took about 5 days - I started on the 18th and worked on it for 4 more random days. I couldn't bring my tablet back from school because I took a flight home and nothing would stop me from making this movie so the entire opening scene and all of the environments are actually made entirely on my MacBook trackpad haha. I intend to pull a fast one on CDW because I bought a little 4 x 6" intuous for all the animation in this movie and I'm gonna return it before I go back to school. I also had to download a trial of CS4 to make this, which is just a steaming pile of shit, but lo and behold even though I own a copy of CS3 I don't have it for fucking mac! Long story short, I had to pull a lot of stuff out of my ass for this movie so I hope you enjoy it and at least get a chuckle out of it. Thanks!

UPDATE - 1/2/2009: It worked. I have one less 4x6 wacom in my possession and $275 back in my pocket, thanks CDW!

The Big Toy Book