Comic #4

2008-05-25 22:55:42 by ConAir

Hey did you guys hear about that new show? Sounds kinda boring to me...

Comic #4


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2008-05-25 22:58:43

It does sound boring.

ConAir responds:

It is, I saw the first episode last night and all he does is follow around an account all day!


2008-05-28 18:27:27

It is called Dirty Jobs. Some episodes are boring but some are pretty funny. It all depends on what job he does.

ConAir responds:

Yeah, I guess they were running out of "Dirty" Jobs so they just made a new show called "Jobs" and it's a lot more boring than the original show ever was. I heard he's gonna be a stock room clerk in the next one!


2008-06-01 02:21:01

Michael Rosenbaum had a show in the works called The Intern Project, where he'd pretend to be someone else, get all costumed and makeup slathered, and show up to a new job everyweek and do an interview to be an intern. He'd be in character.

It was a hidden camera show, meant to be the original Jaime Kennedy Experiment, before Kennedy got signed to WB.

The pilot did piss poor with audiences because the jokes were all dialogue based and not slapsticky like JKX was so the dumb audience didn't get it.

The point of that post was, that failed show sound similar, but way better than this.


2008-06-02 19:57:53

Instead of jobs you shoulda made it Desk Jobs with Mike Rowe... you could match it almost perfectly with their logo


2008-06-06 14:55:48

At least your tv isnt plauged with big brother and all 1000 spin offs


2008-06-10 00:02:49

me you and tommy should go for a game of gta 4.. ive always wanted to kill you.


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