2008-08-13 00:42:17 by ConAir

I leave for college on Friday and it'll probably take me a little bit to get into the flash groove again over there once I set all my shit up. The good news is that I'll have a ton of downtime, so hopefully that means increased flash output. Again, I'm in the middle of a movie...not much is known about it right now (except that it'll TOTALLY ROCK!!!) my advice would be to not shit your dipe, it'll be out soon enough. And just like that, I'm out.



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2008-08-13 00:52:40

What College?

ConAir responds:

University of Dayton


2008-08-19 10:59:47

were you ever in the flash groove connor... COMEON LETS BE BLUNT.

*ps. PM me your college address ill send you a postcard from london

ConAir responds:

check your pm box buddy